Aghja: sources and resources

Name                        Last modified      Size  Description
Parent Directory                                 -   
Aghja-Oblique.otf           2017-08-25 03:08  119K  
Aghja-Oblique.sfd           2017-08-25 03:08  721K  
Aghja-ObliqueSource.sfd     2017-08-25 03:06  399K  
Aghja.sfd                   2017-08-18 06:57  704K  Generated FontForge file
AghjaSource.sfd             2017-08-18 06:57  442K  Generated FontForge temporary file + the manual data editing of calt tables
Aghja.otf                   2017-08-18 06:57  117K  Resulting font
AghjaV2_20170823.tar.xz     2017-08-23 09:13   18K  Source files
AghjaV2_20170823.tar.xz.asc 2017-08-23 09:15  833   tar file's Signature


  1. If this is not done, install the Saxon-B XSLT Processor.
  2. If this is not done, install FontForge. Choose version 20120731 if you can, if not 20161112 or above.
  3. Download the tar file.
  4. You can also download its asc signature to test his validity:
    gpg --verify AghjaV2_*.tar.xz.asc AghjaV2_*.tar.xz
  5. Extract the tar file.
  6. The "Aghja.V2" main directory contains xslt files, scripts and other stuff. It should not be changed. The "source" subdirectory contains what you need to customize: font glyphs and two xml files.
  7. Validate the installation.
    1. Open a terminal.
    2. Change the directory to Aghja.V2
    3. Run ./ (Directories "target" and "temp" are created).
    4. Run ./
    5. Run ./ (Be patient...).
    6. Run ./ (overlap errors can be ignored for now).
    7. Run ./
    8. Run ./
    9. You should find the files "AghjaSource.sfd", "Aghja.sfd" et "Aghja.otf" in the "target" directory. The letters of the fonts do not connect: this is normal at this point.
  8. Now go to the detailed documentation of the site.